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Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

Sun Bronzed Greek Gods
zoom imageSun Bronzed Greek Gods 

Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

Sun Bronzed Greek Gods
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Worcester, Mass based quartet, Dom, are set to re-release their Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP on Astralwerks/Burning Mill. The EP was previously only available in limited physical quantities and will now be available widely in all formats (LP, CD and digital). The new remixed and remastered EP keeps the exact same analog spirit of the original intact, so fans need not worry about alterations affecting the sound. Things sound better, as they were likely intended to be heard in the first place.

While many bands suffer with identity crises Dom has their priorities straight. "We want to be the Madonna of garage rock," proclaims Dominic, the 23-year-old mastermind behind the buzzed-about twisted-pop rockers, who slammed into music world consciousness like a tidal wave.

If it seems like Dom just came out of nowhere, that is because they did. In December 2009, Dominic (who goes by Dom, and will not reveal his last name, due to "owing people lots of money") met drummer Bobby in a Massachusetts boarding house. The two sought out to make Dom an "electronic sci-trance project" but after writing the song "Jesus," the band took a more surfy-psych, fuzz-pop sound. Later, they connected with bassist / guitarist Erik and shred head Cosmo, and the finished project sounded more like a jangle pop mixtape left on your dashboard on hot summer day.

With warped vocals, fuzzy low-fi distortion, and broken Casio keyboard lines, Dom filters a DIY aesthetic through the upbeat, sunny rhythms of pop music. There's a MacGyverized style to Dom's buzzed-about debut EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, the seven songs feel like they're held together by sonic duct tape. At any minute they could break apart. But they don't. These tracks recorded in Erik's bedroom--on a pink paisley guitar, a Casio and Fruity Loops--are solid, edgy and irresistibly fun. "We like to get gnarly, but that doesn't mean we're a joke," Dom says.

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